Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to Kuching Finally

Early the next morning, we woke up at 5:30am, showered and woke chubby kid up at 6am. We went to have breakfast at the same restaurant that we had dinner last night. Breakfast food was great too but then I was too tired and rushed for time to really enjoy the food. We proceeded to the check in counter right after breakfast.

Damn the travel agent lady again! My ticket had check in problems again and the same procedure had to be performed all over again by the counter staff. By the time, she managed to get me a seat on the Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu flight, the connecting flight from Kota Kinabalu to Kuching was already full. The next connecting flight would be at 7:30pm that night, which was a very, very long wait. We had a dinner appointment that night too, so we had to reach Kuching before dinner time. The counter staff then suggested to put us on the Hong Kong to KL flight because there was a connecting flight from KL to Kuching right after the arrival in KL. OK, we thought that was great and thanked the counter staff, who really made an effort to see to our flight arrangements even though the fault was the travel agent lady's.

We proceeded to the immigration counter where the queue was a mile long again. Finally, we got on the flight to KL, which was rather empty, so chubby kid got to sleep on two seats and slept all the way to KL.

In KL, there was again problems with my ticket. I can't even describe how I felt about the travel agent lady at that moment. !@#$% Apparently, at the KLIA, they thought that my boarding pass was already issued but then, it was not. So they had to reissue it for me and by that time, I could not get a seat together with my husband. And so, we sat separately on the flight to Kuching, which was full. When we finally reached Kuching, it was 4:30pm.

The last 24 hours was really exhausting and nerve breaking. Never will I speak to the travel agent lady nor use her services again. !@#$%

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