Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flight Layover

And so the day came for us to leave Hong Kong to go back to Kuching. It was drizzling that morning and the drizzle turned into a heavy downpour when we were on the way to the airport.

We reached the airport before 1pm and checked in immediately. Once again, there were problems with my ticket. Damn that travel agent lady a thousand times! The check in counter staff did what she could and got me a seat on the plane at last. I think we spent close to 1 hour at the check in counter.

After settling the ticket issue and checked in, we proceeded to the arrival hall to savour the delicious Xu Liu Shan mango dessert one last time before leaving for Kuching. We then proceeded to the departure hall. We walked and looked around the airport. Looks more like a shopping complex rather than an airport.

Our flight was at 3:30pm to Kota Kinabalu and then we will take a connecting flight from Kota Kinabalu back to Kuching and will reach Kuching at approximately 9:30pm. We waited at the departure gate before 2pm. It was still raining heavily. At 3pm, there was an announcement that our flight will be delayed. Oh shucks! I hate flight delays. A delay here means that we will only get back to Kuching at midnight. I heaved a sigh in exhaustion.

MAS gave us HKD75 each to go have a meal because of the flight delay. And so we went to check out the food stores. We ate some rice to fill our stomach and gave some to chubby kid as well. That cost us HKD75 already. After that, we spent the remaining HKD75 on Ben and Jerry's ice creams. Oooh, it's yummy but expensive though. Three scoops cost HKD75, which is approximately RM30.

Then, we went back to the departure gate. We heard news saying that our flight has arrived and we were due to fly off at 6:30pm. OK, that sounds good. And so we waited. The clock struck 6:30pm with no sign of boarding. No announcements too. OK, something seems not right. At 7:00pm, a ground crew made an announcement. Our flight was cancelled! !@#$%

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