Thursday, May 15, 2008

Regal Airport Hotel

Hearing the announcement of the flight being cancelled, alot of passengers immediately rushed to the ground crew and started to argue and complain. I just sat there looking at the chaos at the departure gate. I was tired and chubby kid was sleeping in her stroller.

After awhile, a ground crew took us all the way to immigration again. We went through the procedures like when we first arrived. We lined up at the immigration counter and the line was like a mile long at that time. !@#$% After finally passing through the immigration, we proceeded to collect our luggage. It's all just like when we first arrived. My gosh! I didn't know what to feel. Anxious, tired, frustrated? We then followed the ground crew, who took us to the Regal Airport Hotel, where we were given a room to sleep, before our flight at 8am the next morning.

This is the entrance to the hotel from the airport.

And this is the lobby.

My gosh! The hotel is damn luxurious. We proceeded to our allocated room after registering and picking up the room key. Just look at the corridor leading to the room.

This was our room for the night. The room was huge with a 7-foot wide bed. That's just nice for the 3 of us. Chubby kid could get lots of space to sleep that night.

Nice washroom.

After leaving our stuffs in the room, we proceeded downstairs for our free buffet meal. It was a seafood dinner buffet, which cost HKD298 per person, but of course, MAS would be paying.

The restaurant itself was really nice and the variety and quality of food left me speechless.

There's so much to eat. The variety of it and the quality of it was absolutely five star. Never had I experienced such good food before, except once at a hotel buffet in Singapore, but even that cannot match the variety that this restaurant had to offer. I was too busy snapping photos of the food on my table till some waiters and waitresses started to give me this sideway glance when they walked past. OK, I thought. I had better start eating and stop taking photos. Here are some of the photos I took. Mind you, I only took a few photos and there were lots of other food which I could not be bothered to snap photos of.

Ooh...delicious sashimi. My all time favourite!

A variety of seafood.


And oh, don't you think this looks a lot like our Sarawak hornbill? Hehe...

Desserts. The bunny was there because it was Easter.

Like I say, there were just lots of food that I could not be bothered to take photos of. The food was delicious, no doubt about that.

After dinner, we went back to our room and rested. We had to wake up at 5:30am for breakfast and then to proceed to check in before 7am the next day. Although I was tired, I only managed to doze off at around 1am. That was a total of 13 hours of up and about at the airport and hotel.

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Nana said...

The compensation wasn't bad yah!! Should i pray for that when i go HK? hua hahahaha :P