Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Xu Liu Shan

Xu Liu Shan is the name of a franchise in Hong Kong that sells mango desserts. There are a number of these shops all over Hong Kong. We went to three different branches; one in Sham Shui Po, one in Causeway Bay and of all places, one in the Hong Kong International Airport. The shops were rather small and packed most of the time and we had to squeeze and eat in small spaces. But then again, it was worth the taste of it.

Looking at the menu, it was rather hard for me to make up my mind on what I wanted to try as everything looked so yummy. And you know what? These people are so professional that whatever they prepare looks EXACTLY like how it looks like on the menu.

We tried out a few different kinds of dessert but the ones I liked best were the ones with lots of mango. This is what they call Mango Pudding in Mango Juice with extra Mango. Notice how many times the word mango appeared in the item description. Maybe that was why I ordered it.

My husband ordered the Stewed Bird's Nest with Harsmar in Coconut. See how it really looks like the picture of it in the menu behind.

I forgot what this is called but I think it's Mango Pudding.

And I think this is Mango Pudding in Mango Juice with Jelly.

I love these desserts. They're really yummy especially for a mango fan like me. They said that they imported their mangoes from the Philippines. Although the desserts are a little pricey by Malaysian standards, we just ordered to our hearts' content. I think we spent approximately RM180 for 3 visits to Xu Liu Shan. The last visit was at the airport before departure, where we managed to go to the arrival hall and savoured the delicious mango dessert before our flight back.

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Nana said...

Looking at those photos, I said "i must go try those super duper nice mango mango mango dessert" as I'm mango lover too :P BUT i need to think twice now after u revealed the price of it.... Oklah, go once cukup lah...