Saturday, June 7, 2008

Medical Updates

I had been extremely busy for the past few days ever since I got back from Singapore. The five days in Singapore were fun and tiring and heartbreaking. The visit to the Paediatric Opthalmologist took almost the whole day, from early morning till afternoon. Chubby kid cried so much during the pupil dilation procedure, where they had to put in eye drops to dilate her pupils. It had to be done twice for the right eye, as the doctor saw that it was not properly dilated.

Anyway, the results broke my heart. There were no improvements to chubby kid's vision. She still suffers from the long sightedness and had no improvements based on the test done seven months ago. Her degree is +750 for her right eye and +700 for the left eye. Her nystagmus is still present.


There is also her extreme sensitivity to light and brightness, which according to the doctor, is not normal. They will need further tests to determine the reason for this. The doctor suggested to do a neuro test to see how her brain reacts to flashes of light but this test can only be arranged at a later time, perhaps, during our next trip.

Despite all that, a scan of the inside of her eyes revealed nothing. The doctor says that all seems to be clear and normal. They will need further investigations on the reasons for all her conditions. Therefore, the only thing to do then was to prescribe glasses for chubby kid.

A day after that, we brought her to see the Paediatric Neurologist at the same hospital. Her eye test results and diagnosis were sent to the Paediatric Neurologist so that she would know exactly how her eye condition was. I was very worried about chubby kid's development and I mentioned that to the doctor. She checked on her and observed her during the 30 minutes session we had with her. She asked some questions on chubby kid's developmental milestones and I answered. It seems that chubby kid's development is somewhat slower than that of the normal kid. The doctor then said that we should let chubby kid try out the glasses prescribed by the Paediatric Opthalmologist and observe if her development does pick up over the next few months. Other than that, there was nothing much we could do.

It was all very heartbreaking for me. I had to hold all these in. The pressure of it overwhelms me tremendously. No wonder my white hairs are sprouting.

We had not gone to get chubby kid's glasses made yet, as our family doctor in Kuching recommended an optometrist, who happened to be away on holiday until next week.

Dear God, once again, I would like to ask for chubby kid's speedy recovery. Thank you. Amen.

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