Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Favourite Haunt

I love Japanese food. They're really delicious. However, there aren't many restaurants in Kuching that sell delicious Japanese food. One of my favourite haunt when craving for Japanese food is this restaurant called Ten Ichi. We used to go there quite often before chubby kid was born but less often now, as we are quite busy with a lot of things.

It's one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Kuching and needless to say, I love their food. First and foremost, their sashimi is always fresh.

An order of sashimi is always a must, be it local fishes or salmon for that matter. One of my other favourite is Teppan Ika or grilled squid, which comes with mushroom, brocolli and baby corn.

My husband's favourite would be the unagi or eel. It used to be my favourite but I don't know why I don't quite like it now.

There's also the Rainbow Maki, which is one of the newer concoction of maki.

It is really as delicious as it looks. There are lots of other dishes. I just cannot add them all here. What you see here is typically what I will have for a meal in Ten Ichi. To end the dinner, one of my husband's common order for dessert is the fried ice cream.

Ooo, I'm going to drool soon. Darling, when can we go dinner there again?


Justin said...


wanna go everyday also can...

Kenny said... more shashimi before you come over. Jap food are very expensive in the UK

.designerdaria. said...

u dtg2 sini mmg plan to take pics ke nak makan aa steph haha