Wednesday, July 30, 2008

International Ornaments

I was tidying up my office the other day and saw that I had alot of souvenirs/gifts lying around. Those gifts were given to me by friends who went to different countries.

There's the koala bear from Australia.

A Taj Mahal keychain from India.

A frog from Spain.

A cute peg from Thailand.

A windmill from Holland.

There is also a Japanese tea cup from Japan that was given to me by my boss who went there some years back but I don't have it in my office. I think it's at home. Not forgetting a cute keychain/purse from Thailand, also from my boss but I can't remember where I put it. Haha...

Last but not least, this Hershey's bar from Langkawi that I have yet to eat. Hehe...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hectic Week

We reached Kuching last night after a hectic 5 days in KL. The objectives of our KL trip are to get our visa done and to meet friends. Sadly to say, we have not received our visa yet and we did not get to meet as many friends as we would like to. For one thing, chubby kid was still sick and extremely cranky. She had learnt to throw tantrums and when she did that, even I did not have the strength to hold her. So, I did not dare to call up friends to meet. For the first two days, we mostly stayed in the hotel room and did not go anywhere.

On the third and fourth day, chubby kid was less cranky and so we decided to bring her for a walk in Petaling Street, KLCC, Times Square and Bukit Bintang. We did not take photos at all there. That's too bad. When chubby kid grows up, she won't be able to remember that she's been to those places before.

I was Internet-less during the first four days in KL. The hotel we stayed in did not have free WiFi. What the heck! Even hotels in Sibu and Miri have free WiFi. On the fifth day, we hung out in Coffee Bean, bought a cup of ice-blended drink and used its WiFi. My emails were a long list after 4 days of non-existence online.

When pushing chubby kid around in a shopping complex, she unstrapped her shoes and one side of her shoes dropped somewhere. We tried to trace back where we walked and tried to find her shoes but to no avail. So, we had to buy another pair for her. I managed to find this very nice Nike shoes.

Comparatively with Singapore, KL is not as wheelchair/baby stroller friendly. So, most of the time, my husband had to carry the stroller with chubby kid in it. And, the stroller broke when we reached the airport on our last day in KL. My husband managed to get it fix today but it looks shaky and ready to break down anytime.

Since our visa was not ready yet, we could not do anything but to come home to Kuching. Just being in KL for 5 days is already hectic enough. I've always wondered how my friends are able to live and work there.

I'm glad to be home. Still very tired though.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Down with Fever

Last night, I hardly slept. Chubby kid was down with fever. Her temperature did not go down even after continuously taking fever medicine every four hours. She awoke at 2:25am, all feverish and cranky. Again I fed her with the fever medicine and use an ice pack to bring her temperature down. Finally, at 4am, she broke into a sweat. After 36 hours of continuous fever that did not subside even with medicine, it was a relief to see her sweat. I was already feeling the after-effects of lack of sleep.

I heaved a sigh of relief and tried to catch a wink before sunrise.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Education UK

About two months ago, I received a package in the mail.

It's from the University of Liverpool. In it was an offer letter to do my postgraduate studies and also some guide books for international postgraduate students to prepare for the journey to Liverpool.

On that very same day the package arrived, I received news from my HR department that the scholarship to further my studies had been approved. Needless to say, I was very happy. It was all that I had hoped for earlier on, when I applied to further my studies and when I applied for the scholarship. However, at that point of time, I felt like "OK, so now what? How am I going to deal with all these things?" I was clueless. It was like there were so many things to do but I didn't know where to start.

After spreading the good news to my family members, I was lucky enough to have my uncle advised me on what to do. And from there, I proceeded with the preparations.

My beloved husband and chubby kid will be coming along with me, to provide me with the love and support that will very much be needed throughout the 3 years of sweat and pain that I am bound to go through. We will be going to KL for visa application in two weeks' time. So, KL friends, let's meet up.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nice Jacket

Yesterday, chubby kid's God-Ma came back from KL. She bought chubby kid this really neat jacket, which can be worn both sides. One side is light pink and waterproof.

When you turn it inside out, it's a darker shade of pink and the material is soft and woolly.

The jacket might look big but it fits chubby kid nicely, albeit the sleeves are a little long. I did not realize that chubby kid is so big size. Well, actually I did realize she is so big size but not to the extent of wearing a size 6 jacket, which I'm sure is meant for bigger kids. I'm trying my best to cut down her food intake. Hope she'll slim down soon.

Thanks so much God-Ma for the wonderful jacket.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unwanted Glasses

Some weeks back, chubby kid got her glasses made. When we first put it on for her, she started crying and tried to pull it off. We tried to have it on for her for a few more seconds but she simply refused.

Now, we tried to have the glasses on for her at least 10 seconds everyday. But, whenever she sees anyone holding the glasses near her, she would start crying and if we put it on for her, she'll grab it and throw it away. It's a little bit out of shape now.