Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hectic Week

We reached Kuching last night after a hectic 5 days in KL. The objectives of our KL trip are to get our visa done and to meet friends. Sadly to say, we have not received our visa yet and we did not get to meet as many friends as we would like to. For one thing, chubby kid was still sick and extremely cranky. She had learnt to throw tantrums and when she did that, even I did not have the strength to hold her. So, I did not dare to call up friends to meet. For the first two days, we mostly stayed in the hotel room and did not go anywhere.

On the third and fourth day, chubby kid was less cranky and so we decided to bring her for a walk in Petaling Street, KLCC, Times Square and Bukit Bintang. We did not take photos at all there. That's too bad. When chubby kid grows up, she won't be able to remember that she's been to those places before.

I was Internet-less during the first four days in KL. The hotel we stayed in did not have free WiFi. What the heck! Even hotels in Sibu and Miri have free WiFi. On the fifth day, we hung out in Coffee Bean, bought a cup of ice-blended drink and used its WiFi. My emails were a long list after 4 days of non-existence online.

When pushing chubby kid around in a shopping complex, she unstrapped her shoes and one side of her shoes dropped somewhere. We tried to trace back where we walked and tried to find her shoes but to no avail. So, we had to buy another pair for her. I managed to find this very nice Nike shoes.

Comparatively with Singapore, KL is not as wheelchair/baby stroller friendly. So, most of the time, my husband had to carry the stroller with chubby kid in it. And, the stroller broke when we reached the airport on our last day in KL. My husband managed to get it fix today but it looks shaky and ready to break down anytime.

Since our visa was not ready yet, we could not do anything but to come home to Kuching. Just being in KL for 5 days is already hectic enough. I've always wondered how my friends are able to live and work there.

I'm glad to be home. Still very tired though.

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