Wednesday, July 30, 2008

International Ornaments

I was tidying up my office the other day and saw that I had alot of souvenirs/gifts lying around. Those gifts were given to me by friends who went to different countries.

There's the koala bear from Australia.

A Taj Mahal keychain from India.

A frog from Spain.

A cute peg from Thailand.

A windmill from Holland.

There is also a Japanese tea cup from Japan that was given to me by my boss who went there some years back but I don't have it in my office. I think it's at home. Not forgetting a cute keychain/purse from Thailand, also from my boss but I can't remember where I put it. Haha...

Last but not least, this Hershey's bar from Langkawi that I have yet to eat. Hehe...


Mberenis said...

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Sarah said...

i wuz about to giv u the same taj mahal have to change lah:p c u during convo