Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sleepless in Kuching

It's raining outside. The sound of raindrops serves as music to my ears at this wee hour of the morning. I can't sleep. Blame it on the coke I had at a wedding banquet just now. Or blame it on the stress that I am feeling lately. I suddenly have an urge to clear my messy cupboard top now. Yes, now at 12:10am. What the heck? Is this a symptom of too much stress?

I went for a walk at the small park near my house this afternoon. It was cloudy and so I walked for about 2km. The last time I exercised was months ago, during badminton training. Yeah, have not been exercising for so long. Feel flabby all over. Since my MP3 player broke some months ago, I have not been in much of a mood to go for evening walks. Perhaps I should get myself an MP3 player soon.

Damn, I'm still not sleepy now. I think I'll do some Sudoku on Facebook.

Good night!

1 comment:

.designerdaria. said...

you think i would believe you ka if you're saying you're 'flabby all over again'? ahaha flabby pun u tak penah mehhh :P