Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Excess Baggage

How much stuffs to bring if you are going overseas for three years? Well, apparently, a lot. Even though we just packed the really basic stuffs, we ended up with these; two big luggages, two big boxes, one cabin luggage, one laptop bag and one baby basket.

Total weight for these to be checked in was approximately 96kg, and of course, it was not allowed. Not that it was not allowed but I would have to pay for excess baggage. The sum was appalling. RM6000++. My gosh!!!

So, the sad thing was, we had to sacrifice one of the boxes. We left behind one box which had most of my t-shirts. And so, I have a total of 3 shirts to wear over this one month, while waiting for our family to send over the left behind box through air cargo.

Chubby kid is having her afternoon nap at this moment. Hence, I'm free to blog and to surf the net. But I'm feeling a little guilty. I should be reading my textbook right now! What the heck!

Our Journey

It's a long way from Kuching to Liverpool. We had to fly this route; Kuching - KL - Amsterdam - Manchester and then by land to Liverpool.

In KLIA, I was very surprised that Terminal 3 looked so nice. It must be a new wing that I have never been to.

This is our flight to Amsterdam.

Our flight flies on the stroke of midnight. Just look at chubby kid behind the iron bar, wide awake before boarding.

We managed to catch a few winks on board the midnight full flight to Amsterdam. Nevertheless, we were still very tired as chubby kid could not get a good night's sleep due to her sitting position on the flight seat.

We managed to pull through the long haul and arrived in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol early in the morning. And wow, Schiphol is really, really big.

And then it was a 4-hour transit, waiting for the flight to Manchester. We reached Manchester in the morning but had to wait until 2pm for the meet and greet service from the University to pick us up.

This is the Manchester Airport. I think Kuching Airport is much more impressive. I thought Manchester Airport was much bigger than what I saw. It's actually just like Kuching Airport before the renovation.

Anyway, no more photos after this as chubby kid clung to me like glue and with her lack of sleep, was as cranky as could be.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kuching Food

The last two weeks saw us frantically savouring all the local food and dishes. So far, we had tasted most of our favourite food. Here were some of the food we managed to taste.

The king of fruits, our favourite durians.

My favourite mango and rambutan.

My husband's aunty also prepared home steamboat with lots of delicious food.

Of course, not forgetting kolomee.

And more kolomee.

Kueh chap.


Crispy oyster pancake.

All time favourite, baked crabs.

Home-cooked Hockien lo mee.

Home-made cheese cake.



Fried noodle.

Last but not least, my favourite calamansi samboi flavoured ice-cream from Desserts.

There were lots of other food that we ate but I had forgotten to bring my camera with me, hence, no photos. I am going to miss all these food big time.

*Note: I wrote this post halfway before flying off to the UK and it's not a good idea to continue writing it here, as I kept on drooling as I pasted the pictures one by one. !@#$%

Friday, September 19, 2008

One More Day in Kuching

The long awaited day finally arrived, although I did not see it coming as preparations were like a mere blur of memory. We are due to fly off to Liverpool in about 20 hours. There will be some transits and the total journey to reach Liverpool is approximately 16 hours of flight, 5 hours of transit time and 1 hour of land travel. It's going to be chubby kid's first ever long haul flight and I am not sure what to anticipate. I hope that we will have a safe and smooth journey.

Many friends asked, am I excited that we will be flying off soon? I must say, I really had been through so much pressure and tension for the past two months that these final weeks are no less of a nightmare. So, excited is probably not the word at the moment. I am feeling kind of numb actually. No positive nor negative feelings whatsoever.

A good friend also asked, am I going to cry at the airport? Well, I do not know my dear friend. I have never left my hometown before to go somewhere far, far away. I will let you know whether my tears left any stain at the airport tiles, OK?

I will try to update again tomorrow if time permits, after savouring my favourite laksa.

Last Day in Office

Two days ago was my last day in office. Although I had been on leave since early September, I had been returning to office for various reasons; meetings, study leave matters, clearing of office, chit-chatting, etc.

I finally manage to properly clear my office two days ago. This was my office before clearing.

This was my office two days ago, right before I handed back my key. I'm going to miss my office alot.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Without realizing, time flies so fast that I do not even have the time to sit down and relax. Four more days remain before my family and I will fly off to the UK. So, phase one of packing had officially began last night.

We only plan to bring all the basic necessities and clothing but even that turns out to be a lot. And I mean A LOT!! I really wonder how we can manage to squeeze all of those things into two big luggages and perhaps one box. We bought some vacuum bags in Singapore and we tried using that last night.

This is how we arrange our clothes nicely into the vacuum bag.

Then, using the vacuum cleaner, we suck out the air in the bag and it becomes all crumpled.

I guess those clothes would have to stay crumpled until at least next Monday. Imagine the ironing horror when the clothes are released from the vacuum bag. And so, the first phase of packing was done and our bedroom was left in a mess.

Anyway, we packed until almost midnight and my husband and I decided to have supper after that. Guess what our supper was?


Friday, September 12, 2008

New Toys

Unfortunately not for me. Though I played with them quite often :-)

During our recent trip to Singapore, we brought chubby kid to see the usual Paediatric Neurologist and Ophthalmologist in NUH. There were no new diagnosis during this trip as what the doctors said were more or less the same as three months ago. Since chubby kid is having developmental delay especially in terms of fine motor skills, the neurologist referred her to the occupational therapist in NUH. We had a session with this nice lady, who brought lots of toys and play things to teach chubby kid some fine motor skills. She also advised us to buy some for her to let her practise on her fine motor skills. So, we went to the Toys "R" Us and bought some toys for chubby kid. Apparently, toys like wooden blocks of various sizes, shape sorters and geometric stackers are very good for her to practise using her fingers.

Nice toys right? I think I played with them more than chubby kid because all she does is throw them away and I have to collect them all together again. But I am quite happy that chubby kid at least show an interest in throwing the blocks, putting them into boxes and basket (and taking them out and throwing them away again). Even a small achievement means so much to us.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rubik's Cube

Recently, I had an interest in playing the Rubik's cube after seeing my cousin playing with his.

And so, I kidnapped my cousin's cube for a few days and tried to solve it using the algorithms that he taught me. After playing around for awhile, despite constant interruptions from chubby kid, I finally was able to solve the Rubik's cube. It wasn't so hard after all.

Ta da!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Music in My Ears

And so, instead of nagging, my husband lovingly bought me the Sony MP3 player today. It's white in colour and comes with an extra gold style up panel. It also comes with another free colourful style up panel.

Thank you Darling. You can sleep on the bed after all ;-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Those Familiar Feelings

I just came back from Singapore this afternoon. I'm missing my grandma all over again. It will be quite some time before I can make a trip to visit her again. She's getting older and weaker. Her frail frame made me very sad and I regret that I could not spend as much time as I like with her.

Anyway, talking about regretful, today I came back with a very regretful feeling. Regretful that I did not buy that Sony MP3 player that costs RM40 cheaper as compared to the same one in Malaysia.

It has always been like that. The more I think of buying something, the more I will feel regretful when I did not buy it. This same familiar feeling reminded me of my last trip to Hong Kong when I wanted very much to buy a Canon Digital SLR camera but I ended buying a Canon Ixus instead.

I know, Darling, don't nag again. Otherwise, you'll end up sleeping on the floor.