Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Without realizing, time flies so fast that I do not even have the time to sit down and relax. Four more days remain before my family and I will fly off to the UK. So, phase one of packing had officially began last night.

We only plan to bring all the basic necessities and clothing but even that turns out to be a lot. And I mean A LOT!! I really wonder how we can manage to squeeze all of those things into two big luggages and perhaps one box. We bought some vacuum bags in Singapore and we tried using that last night.

This is how we arrange our clothes nicely into the vacuum bag.

Then, using the vacuum cleaner, we suck out the air in the bag and it becomes all crumpled.

I guess those clothes would have to stay crumpled until at least next Monday. Imagine the ironing horror when the clothes are released from the vacuum bag. And so, the first phase of packing was done and our bedroom was left in a mess.

Anyway, we packed until almost midnight and my husband and I decided to have supper after that. Guess what our supper was?



Sin Ee said...

Congratulations! Have a safe and pleasant journey.

Moo Moo Cow said...

Hey gal... gonna miss u..
Hope u hav a safe trip n enjoy urself there... Now, the 4 musketeers all spread out here n there.. one in Aus, one in UK, one in SG and another one back in Cat City or going to UTM? hahaha...

.designerdaria. said...

u r going already :(((

so sad.. keep in touch aa, n good luck

chuasteph said...

sin ee: thanks. see u soon.

moo: am going to miss u too. sayang did not meet u in spore during my last trip.

daria: keep in touch ok. hope to see u when i come back coz u may go off for ur phd too at that time.