Friday, September 12, 2008

New Toys

Unfortunately not for me. Though I played with them quite often :-)

During our recent trip to Singapore, we brought chubby kid to see the usual Paediatric Neurologist and Ophthalmologist in NUH. There were no new diagnosis during this trip as what the doctors said were more or less the same as three months ago. Since chubby kid is having developmental delay especially in terms of fine motor skills, the neurologist referred her to the occupational therapist in NUH. We had a session with this nice lady, who brought lots of toys and play things to teach chubby kid some fine motor skills. She also advised us to buy some for her to let her practise on her fine motor skills. So, we went to the Toys "R" Us and bought some toys for chubby kid. Apparently, toys like wooden blocks of various sizes, shape sorters and geometric stackers are very good for her to practise using her fingers.

Nice toys right? I think I played with them more than chubby kid because all she does is throw them away and I have to collect them all together again. But I am quite happy that chubby kid at least show an interest in throwing the blocks, putting them into boxes and basket (and taking them out and throwing them away again). Even a small achievement means so much to us.

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