Friday, September 19, 2008

One More Day in Kuching

The long awaited day finally arrived, although I did not see it coming as preparations were like a mere blur of memory. We are due to fly off to Liverpool in about 20 hours. There will be some transits and the total journey to reach Liverpool is approximately 16 hours of flight, 5 hours of transit time and 1 hour of land travel. It's going to be chubby kid's first ever long haul flight and I am not sure what to anticipate. I hope that we will have a safe and smooth journey.

Many friends asked, am I excited that we will be flying off soon? I must say, I really had been through so much pressure and tension for the past two months that these final weeks are no less of a nightmare. So, excited is probably not the word at the moment. I am feeling kind of numb actually. No positive nor negative feelings whatsoever.

A good friend also asked, am I going to cry at the airport? Well, I do not know my dear friend. I have never left my hometown before to go somewhere far, far away. I will let you know whether my tears left any stain at the airport tiles, OK?

I will try to update again tomorrow if time permits, after savouring my favourite laksa.


Nana said...

safe journey, dear...


welcome to PhD world!!!! hahaha!!
*devil grin*

Susie said...

Traveling long hour is a nightmare, anyway, when you arrive there, you will feel, great, at last!
Welcome to the phd world ! ;-)