Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Journey

It's a long way from Kuching to Liverpool. We had to fly this route; Kuching - KL - Amsterdam - Manchester and then by land to Liverpool.

In KLIA, I was very surprised that Terminal 3 looked so nice. It must be a new wing that I have never been to.

This is our flight to Amsterdam.

Our flight flies on the stroke of midnight. Just look at chubby kid behind the iron bar, wide awake before boarding.

We managed to catch a few winks on board the midnight full flight to Amsterdam. Nevertheless, we were still very tired as chubby kid could not get a good night's sleep due to her sitting position on the flight seat.

We managed to pull through the long haul and arrived in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol early in the morning. And wow, Schiphol is really, really big.

And then it was a 4-hour transit, waiting for the flight to Manchester. We reached Manchester in the morning but had to wait until 2pm for the meet and greet service from the University to pick us up.

This is the Manchester Airport. I think Kuching Airport is much more impressive. I thought Manchester Airport was much bigger than what I saw. It's actually just like Kuching Airport before the renovation.

Anyway, no more photos after this as chubby kid clung to me like glue and with her lack of sleep, was as cranky as could be.


Nana said...

Long waited post~~~~

Susie said...

no wonder i keep feeling Amsterdam sounds familiar..yupe, kch airport is more interesting compare to that airport..well, i think most of the Malaysia airports are great...how fortunate we are as Malaysians ..hahahha :p