Saturday, September 6, 2008

Those Familiar Feelings

I just came back from Singapore this afternoon. I'm missing my grandma all over again. It will be quite some time before I can make a trip to visit her again. She's getting older and weaker. Her frail frame made me very sad and I regret that I could not spend as much time as I like with her.

Anyway, talking about regretful, today I came back with a very regretful feeling. Regretful that I did not buy that Sony MP3 player that costs RM40 cheaper as compared to the same one in Malaysia.

It has always been like that. The more I think of buying something, the more I will feel regretful when I did not buy it. This same familiar feeling reminded me of my last trip to Hong Kong when I wanted very much to buy a Canon Digital SLR camera but I ended buying a Canon Ixus instead.

I know, Darling, don't nag again. Otherwise, you'll end up sleeping on the floor.

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