Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Amateur at Work

I did something very fun yesterday. Look at what this is.

It is a home hair-cutting set which costs RM225 at Kuching's Parkson but costs GBP8 at Argos here. !@#$% Rip me off this Parkson!!!

And so, the project was to cut my husband's hair. This is his hair before I cut it.

And this is his hair after I cut it.

Hehe... I couldn't stop laughing while bull-dozing and chipping away his hair.

The result? Not too bad I reckon. Still handsome :-) Can't wait for his hair to grow long so that I can cut it again.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I can't resist it.

I am really eating too much chocolates.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

I have lots of reading to do.

And lots of writing too.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby in Boots

Some time ago, I bought this nice furry boots for chubby kid to wear in the house in case her feet gets too cold.

Really cute eh! Look at them on chubby kid's feet.

And doesn't she look a lot like a boy dressed up like this?


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Calorie Burning

I checked my weight yesterday at the clinic. Hmm... you know what? Haha... I'm so happy that after approximately one month of eating and eating and eating without exercising, my weight still stays the same.

Anyway, not putting any weight does not mean that I am living healthy. I have been eating so much meat lately. Worried that my health would be affected by the non-existence of exercising, I decided to go for a jog yesterday. Well, it was just a short jog of approximately two kilometres in a windy environment of 10 degrees celcius. That does not make me sweat much and jogging here seems easier than back home, where it's really hot. A mere easy two kilometres will not do much in burning any of the calories I reckon.

Do you know how I burn my calories? I supposed all those calories from the chocolates must have been burnt off this morning. I practically walked one kilometre, carrying the full 14kg load of chubby kid, all the way from the supermarket. She refuses to sit in her stroller whenever she catches any glimpse of me. By the time I got home, my two hands were shaking from exhaustion. For the record, she has done this to me three times already.

Bad, bad girl!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cravings and the Weather

I seem to have a craving for chocolates ever since I arrived in Liverpool. Hmm... I wonder why? It must be the cold weather. Whatever chocolates I see, I seem to drool over it. Chocolate-coated wafer, Cadbury chocolates, Kinder Bueno, digestive biscuits coated with chocolates and all the likes of those. Mind you, this is not normal, as I am very choosy in the kind of chocolates I eat. I only like Cadbury chocolates and Kinder Bueno. Oh, and Kit Kat too.

Talking about eating, lately, I have been eating a lot. Some of my friends who are reading this must be thinking that I'm exaggerating. Well, I'm not. The amount of food that I eat here can feed me for two days back in Kuching. So, that's double of what I usually eat in Kuching. To make things worse, I do not exercise at all here. I was thinking of going swimming here but I have yet to check out if the sports centre has a swimming pool. Also, apart from my meals, I have been eating alot of snacks. Potato chips, chocolates, chocolates and chocolates. This is totally not me. I don't eat snacks that much back in Kuching. Gosh! Imagine the weight that I have put on. In no time, I will become like chubby kid! :-)

The weather here is very unpredictable. It can be sunny and then cloudy and it can rain anytime. Most people just wear jackets with hoods and when it rains, they would just put up the hood and walk under the rain. That was exactly what I did this morning. And the worst thing is, it is terribly windy most of the time. If you were to use an umbrella in the rain, you must know how to maneuver the umbrella so that it doesn't get overturned. I've learnt that trick by watching how those people do it. But most importantly, you must have a big umbrella because small ones get overturned easily and break almost immediately. Yes, there goes my small umbrella. May it rest in peace.

Enough said. More ramblings when my tension builds up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Darlings

One is tall and thin. One is small and round.

I love them very much!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Menu Today

Yummy! Sarawak laksa! We brought the paste from Kuching as we know that being laksa lovers, we would miss it very much.

The preparation.

The final product. Hehe. Tastes not bad at all. Just lack of coriander though. I do not fancy prawns or bean sprouts so those don't matter. But my beloved coriander costs quite a lot here, so I'll just have to go without it for now.

Chubby kid's version of Sarawak laksa.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Walk to My Department

I have been wanting to do this post quite some time ago but have always put it on hold as I simply do not have enough time for it. Well, now here it is.

The place where we are staying is smack right in the city centre together with the University of Liverpool. It is the university's accommodation for family and the place is fenced up and enclosed to tighten the security. This is a photo of the outside of our little apartment.

This is another photo of the outside and it is actually the view from our bedroom window.

It only takes my short legs about 10 - 12 minutes to walk to my department, depending on my mood whether to walk fast or slow. Along the way, these are the things and buildings that I will pass by.

There is this red-coloured telephone booth, a trademark of England. So far, it's the only one I saw in the areas surrounding the city centre.

Then, as I cross the road, there will be this road sign to show the way to the University Precinct.

A little ahead is another university accommodation called Mulberry Court, as seen hidden behind the trees in the photo below. Opposite it is the university's sports and fitness centre, which I have not been to at all to take a peek.

Further on, there is a carpark. I took this photo just to show that it is now autumn and the leaves are all turning yellow and falling off. Hidden behind the trees is the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

Here is a photo of the church taken from across the road right in front of it. It is really big and grand. We have yet to attend a mass there. We went there two Sundays ago but hesitated in entering as we were afraid that chubby kid would be cranky and that it would disturb the tranquility of the atmosphere in there.

Next up, along the way, there are more and more university offices. This building houses part of the administrative departments of the university.

The Guild of Students is right at the end of this building. They even have a student bar in there called the Saro-Wiwa and the atmosphere there beats any bars in Kuching hands down.

Just opposite the Guild of Students is the Foundation Building, which also houses all the administrative departments.

Across the road from behind the Foundation Building is the Victoria Gallery and Museum. It houses most of the university's art collection. We had yet to visit it, as it just reopened yesterday after some renovation works.

Just right behind the Victoria Gallery and Museum is my department. The photo below shows the back of the building of my department.

Directly opposite the back of the building of my department is the Harold Cohen Library, where all the computer science books can be found.

Now, a photo of the front of the building of my department. It consists of two buildings joined together. On the right is the Ashton building, where all the staffs and postgraduate students are and on the left is the George Holt building, where most of the computer labs are.

There is this very nice eye-like sky roof in the Ashton building. This photo was taken from the staircase on the third floor.

Last but not least, a walk to my department ends here, at my desk, which is already messy by the way.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apple Pie

When I shopped at Tesco, I saw a lot of students buying all those frozen food, ready-to-microwave-and-eat kind of food and I always wondered to myself how those students can survive eating all those stuffs. I came to realize eventually that, those are the kind of normal everyday food that most people here eat.

So, out of curiousity and deciding to have something different for dinner, my husband and I tried out these apple pies. Pop them into the oven for 12 minutes and they're ready to be eaten.

I must say, it looks very nice, smells very nice but it certainly isn't very nice to eat. That's the last time I'm buying those pies.


I really do not understand what this sign means. Why no worries for two minutes? What happens after the two minutes? Can someone enlighten me?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gripe Water

We got ripped off by this Hongkie pharmacist who sold us gripe water for GBP3.50. I bought another bottle at just GBP1.99 at Poundland. !@#$%

Guess which one is from Malaysia?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hari Raya Open House in Liverpool

We had such fun today. Our Malay neighbours brought us to this Raya Open House where all Malaysians did a get-together to celebrate Hari Raya. It was fun meeting alot of Malaysians from all over Liverpool. We even meet people from Kuching, can you imagine? Such a small world.

The food was great. Just like home. Just like the food we had for Hari Raya visiting. Never did I imagine that I could taste my favourite masak merah in Liverpool.

I tried to savour the delicious food the best I could as chubby kid was pretty clingy and clung to me most of the time. I managed to eat two pieces of masak merah and it was delicious.

We had a great time today and met lots of new friends. Thanks so much to our neighbours for bringing us there.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Taste of Spice

I can't believe it. My husband cooked curry for dinner tonight. It was delicious. I can't believe he can cook. O_o

And this was the first taste of spicy food ever since we landed in Liverpool. I still can't believe he can cook.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Student Yet Again

Today, I am officially a student yet again. I did not stop by my department today though. I suspect that my PC is not ready yet, so I was rather reluctant to drop by today. I had been to my department a few times since last week. I had already met my supervisor, who was very nice to show me around and introduced me to a few people.

I have yet to settle my bank account details and pick up my student card. I will also have to settle my accommodation fees details soon. There's also the National Health Service that I will need to register myself and my family with.

Yes, there's still so much to do. And so little time, as usual. To make matters a little more complicated, chubby kid sticks to me like glue, especially during the morning, before and after afternoon nap and bed time. I wonder how I can make her stick to my husband instead.