Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Amateur at Work

I did something very fun yesterday. Look at what this is.

It is a home hair-cutting set which costs RM225 at Kuching's Parkson but costs GBP8 at Argos here. !@#$% Rip me off this Parkson!!!

And so, the project was to cut my husband's hair. This is his hair before I cut it.

And this is his hair after I cut it.

Hehe... I couldn't stop laughing while bull-dozing and chipping away his hair.

The result? Not too bad I reckon. Still handsome :-) Can't wait for his hair to grow long so that I can cut it again.


Wei King said...

not bad ah your skill.
u kena tipu by parkson.
i bought one at upwell only cost me ard 50+

Melissa said...

lol.. look at justin's face... not very happy at all.. hehe..

i bought mine at rm20 somewhere 100% discount store i think.. hehe.. but i used it to trim the dogs hair..

echandra87 said...

hi steph,

not bad la you. it gives me some ideas on how to cut my husband hair later on.