Saturday, October 18, 2008

Calorie Burning

I checked my weight yesterday at the clinic. Hmm... you know what? Haha... I'm so happy that after approximately one month of eating and eating and eating without exercising, my weight still stays the same.

Anyway, not putting any weight does not mean that I am living healthy. I have been eating so much meat lately. Worried that my health would be affected by the non-existence of exercising, I decided to go for a jog yesterday. Well, it was just a short jog of approximately two kilometres in a windy environment of 10 degrees celcius. That does not make me sweat much and jogging here seems easier than back home, where it's really hot. A mere easy two kilometres will not do much in burning any of the calories I reckon.

Do you know how I burn my calories? I supposed all those calories from the chocolates must have been burnt off this morning. I practically walked one kilometre, carrying the full 14kg load of chubby kid, all the way from the supermarket. She refuses to sit in her stroller whenever she catches any glimpse of me. By the time I got home, my two hands were shaking from exhaustion. For the record, she has done this to me three times already.

Bad, bad girl!

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