Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Walk to My Department

I have been wanting to do this post quite some time ago but have always put it on hold as I simply do not have enough time for it. Well, now here it is.

The place where we are staying is smack right in the city centre together with the University of Liverpool. It is the university's accommodation for family and the place is fenced up and enclosed to tighten the security. This is a photo of the outside of our little apartment.

This is another photo of the outside and it is actually the view from our bedroom window.

It only takes my short legs about 10 - 12 minutes to walk to my department, depending on my mood whether to walk fast or slow. Along the way, these are the things and buildings that I will pass by.

There is this red-coloured telephone booth, a trademark of England. So far, it's the only one I saw in the areas surrounding the city centre.

Then, as I cross the road, there will be this road sign to show the way to the University Precinct.

A little ahead is another university accommodation called Mulberry Court, as seen hidden behind the trees in the photo below. Opposite it is the university's sports and fitness centre, which I have not been to at all to take a peek.

Further on, there is a carpark. I took this photo just to show that it is now autumn and the leaves are all turning yellow and falling off. Hidden behind the trees is the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

Here is a photo of the church taken from across the road right in front of it. It is really big and grand. We have yet to attend a mass there. We went there two Sundays ago but hesitated in entering as we were afraid that chubby kid would be cranky and that it would disturb the tranquility of the atmosphere in there.

Next up, along the way, there are more and more university offices. This building houses part of the administrative departments of the university.

The Guild of Students is right at the end of this building. They even have a student bar in there called the Saro-Wiwa and the atmosphere there beats any bars in Kuching hands down.

Just opposite the Guild of Students is the Foundation Building, which also houses all the administrative departments.

Across the road from behind the Foundation Building is the Victoria Gallery and Museum. It houses most of the university's art collection. We had yet to visit it, as it just reopened yesterday after some renovation works.

Just right behind the Victoria Gallery and Museum is my department. The photo below shows the back of the building of my department.

Directly opposite the back of the building of my department is the Harold Cohen Library, where all the computer science books can be found.

Now, a photo of the front of the building of my department. It consists of two buildings joined together. On the right is the Ashton building, where all the staffs and postgraduate students are and on the left is the George Holt building, where most of the computer labs are.

There is this very nice eye-like sky roof in the Ashton building. This photo was taken from the staircase on the third floor.

Last but not least, a walk to my department ends here, at my desk, which is already messy by the way.

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