Saturday, November 29, 2008

Liverpool One

Liverpool One is the name of a shopping district right in the city centre. It is probably the most happening place at the moment with lots of new retail stores, restaurants and pubs opening. Although this Liverpool One project is only in its first phase, thousands of people swarmed the place after office hours and over the weekends. The concept is a little like Vivo City in Singapore, where there is a wide open space at the rooftop for children to run about and play.

Here are some photos of the retails stores. They even have a Liverpool FC store here.

The rooftop is wide open with nice landscaping and Christmas decorations.

There is also one whole row of elegant restaurants on the rooftop.

More shops and restaurants are due to open over the next few months. It is certainly a nice place to go around, even just for window shopping.


Friday, November 21, 2008

My First eBay Experience

I am quite skeptical when it comes to buying things that I have not seen or touch. And this means buying things online. However, it was very unfortunate and unexpected that chubby kid's stroller broke down last Sunday. It was probably due to overusage and undeniably, chubby kid's weight had certainly put a toll on the old stroller. See the crack on the steel bar? It broke into two.

Therefore, I had to search for one online. This lands me in eBay, one of the largest online stores you can find on the Internet. My husband had earlier on browse on eBay to get us a car. However, there were none interesting cars that fit our requirements.

Anyway, I managed to find this Hauck stroller on eBay. Because of the urgency of getting a stroller, I decided to just buy this Hauck stroller on eBay. We managed to get hold of it a few days ago and chubby kid is able to go out again in her new stroller.

It was listed as new on eBay but it looks to us like it had been used before, although very rarely. There were some little smudges here and there but I guess that is OK, considering that we are paying only 33% of its original price for it. What I am more worried about is how long it will last us, with chubby kid putting on weight faster than a bullet train.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yesterday, we had egg and cheese sandwiches.

Today, we had tom yam spaghetti.

This was chubby kid's version, which was already half eaten.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Museum Visit

Some weeks ago, we visited the Victoria Gallery and Museum, which was just next to my department. It was a sunny day and the sky was so blue that it looked surreal (there was hardly any blue skies during the past two weeks).

We just did a quick tour of the VGM since we were not big fans of art and history. However, I must admit that the items at the VGM are magnificent, especially to an art idiot like me. VGM boasts of a huge collection of art, which include fine art, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, glass and silverware. There were lots of art pieces and photography exhibits. I was particularly interested in looking at the various photographic shots to learn more about photography. There was also a showcase of jar specimens of sea creatures and animal skeletons from an early 20th century zoology museum and fossils of footprints from extinct dinosaurs.

I saw a sign that flash photography was prohibited inside the VGM, so I was hesitant in taking photographs, as I was not sure if non-flash photography was permitted. Anyway, it is a nice place. I may visit it again if I have the time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Demonstrator Training

Being a PhD student means that I get to do lab/tutorial demonstration for the undergraduate students in the university. It reminded me a lot of the days back when I was a second year undergraduate giving lab demonstration to the first year undergraduates. That was a long, long time ago.

In the university here, before I can officially become a demonstrator, I have to attend this one day demonstrator training first. And so I did.

It was OK. Not too bad. Here is a photo of one of the handouts. My dear colleagues, don't this just look so familiar to you? Hehe...

Yeah, I know. Again and again. The "nightmare" of Postgraduate Diploma.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh Yeah!

Two weeks ago, I was given a new computer by the department. It comes with this *cool* 22-inch LCD monitor. Yeah...way to go! Now I've got a big screen to do my programming.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

As part of my initiative to refresh my programming skills, I attended this Java class offered to Master of Science students. In the first class, I sat down at the back of the class and listened to the lecturer teach. I am in the opinion that he teaches Java very well. At the end of the class, I decided to ask him where I could get his notes and lab exercises.

It was then I saw her. She was accompanied by another student and they had something to ask the lecturer as well. And so, because I feel myself being an intruder in this MSc class, I let them speak to the lecturer first. All this while, I kept staring at her. She talked with a stutter and she was trying to explain to the lecturer about the difficulty of understanding Java and writing the codes. I was in awe with the determination shown on her face. Though as difficult as it might be, she kept asking if there were other alternatives that could make her understand Java more. After the short discussion with the lecturer, she took out her white cane and was led away by the other student. Yes, she is blind. She is a totally blind student, studying Master of Science and doing programming in Java. How can you not be in awe with someone with so much determination and will to improve herself in life?

After that, I sometimes bumped into her in the department. She is always accompanied by someone and I observe that it will be a different person every now and then. It was then I realized that the person accompanying her might be a helper or assistant. She helps her take notes in class, leads her around the department and brings her home. Then, I found out that she lives in the same area as I am.

Somehow, this got me thinking. We are all blessed with perfect sight and yet we complain so much about our life, about our studies, about everything. She, who has no sight, seems contented and determined. She is even accepted to do postgraduate studies. Certainly, where there is a will, there is a way. The next time when I have the chance, I will go up to her and ask her her name and befriend her.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Chubby and Naughty

Chubby kid is beginning to get more and more naughty. I guess this is a norm for all kids her age. Every morning before she wakes up, her toy corner will look like this.

After she wakes up, this is how the floor looks like for the rest of the day.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quarterpounder for Lunch

This was what I had for lunch this afternoon.

I am feeling a little guilty for eating so much unhealthy and junk food lately. I have not been exercising much due to the rain. Yeah, right! Blame the weather! Hahaha...

Chubby kid had a quarter of my burger and another quarter of my husband's burger. Oh gosh! What have I done? I thought I was supposed to diet her.

Oh well, I think I will get chubby very soon.

Mr Chef-At-Home

These days, I do not have the chance to cook. Mr Chef-At-Home insists that he wants to cook and practically drives me out of the kitchen.

What the heck! I want to cook!