Sunday, November 9, 2008

Demonstrator Training

Being a PhD student means that I get to do lab/tutorial demonstration for the undergraduate students in the university. It reminded me a lot of the days back when I was a second year undergraduate giving lab demonstration to the first year undergraduates. That was a long, long time ago.

In the university here, before I can officially become a demonstrator, I have to attend this one day demonstrator training first. And so I did.

It was OK. Not too bad. Here is a photo of one of the handouts. My dear colleagues, don't this just look so familiar to you? Hehe...

Yeah, I know. Again and again. The "nightmare" of Postgraduate Diploma.


Susie said...

haahah..ya, here also..but luckily they don't ask us to sit for an exam after all..just a quiz which we need to hand it in after the session..

sharin said...

wah steph... and we thought we will never see those notes again!

actually here in office is busy preparing the course outline doc to submit to kpt.. the doc is getting harder to do... they even asked us to make sure all those bloom taxonomy is inline with the learning outcome.... malas nya nak buat!!

Nana said...


chuasteph said...

susie: hehe, we don't need to do quiz.

sharin: yeah, i tot it was the end of those notes when pgdip finished but i was wrong. hahaha...i think by the time i go back, all course outlines will be blooming.

nana: haha..not so bad nightmare as it was just one day nia. not one whole module like our pgdip.