Friday, November 14, 2008

First Museum Visit

Some weeks ago, we visited the Victoria Gallery and Museum, which was just next to my department. It was a sunny day and the sky was so blue that it looked surreal (there was hardly any blue skies during the past two weeks).

We just did a quick tour of the VGM since we were not big fans of art and history. However, I must admit that the items at the VGM are magnificent, especially to an art idiot like me. VGM boasts of a huge collection of art, which include fine art, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, glass and silverware. There were lots of art pieces and photography exhibits. I was particularly interested in looking at the various photographic shots to learn more about photography. There was also a showcase of jar specimens of sea creatures and animal skeletons from an early 20th century zoology museum and fossils of footprints from extinct dinosaurs.

I saw a sign that flash photography was prohibited inside the VGM, so I was hesitant in taking photographs, as I was not sure if non-flash photography was permitted. Anyway, it is a nice place. I may visit it again if I have the time.

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