Friday, November 21, 2008

My First eBay Experience

I am quite skeptical when it comes to buying things that I have not seen or touch. And this means buying things online. However, it was very unfortunate and unexpected that chubby kid's stroller broke down last Sunday. It was probably due to overusage and undeniably, chubby kid's weight had certainly put a toll on the old stroller. See the crack on the steel bar? It broke into two.

Therefore, I had to search for one online. This lands me in eBay, one of the largest online stores you can find on the Internet. My husband had earlier on browse on eBay to get us a car. However, there were none interesting cars that fit our requirements.

Anyway, I managed to find this Hauck stroller on eBay. Because of the urgency of getting a stroller, I decided to just buy this Hauck stroller on eBay. We managed to get hold of it a few days ago and chubby kid is able to go out again in her new stroller.

It was listed as new on eBay but it looks to us like it had been used before, although very rarely. There were some little smudges here and there but I guess that is OK, considering that we are paying only 33% of its original price for it. What I am more worried about is how long it will last us, with chubby kid putting on weight faster than a bullet train.

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icoo said...

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