Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Turkey

This is our first attempt in preparing roast turkey for Christmas. We bought a 3kg turkey for this purpose. We have absolutely no idea how to prepare the roast turkey, so we search online for some recipes. There are thousands of recipes, some of which are so complicated that after reading them, our enthusiasm sort of died down. Haha...

Due to some unexpected turn of events that left us with so little time to properly plan our supposed Christmas feast, we decided to just give it a go our own way.

So, this is our turkey, still in its wrapping.

Undressed from its wrapping, this is how a 3kg turkey looks like.

All we did was rub some salt all over the turkey and then rub it with some mixed herbs.

Next, we prepared some stuffings for the turkey. These are the ingredients used for the stuffings.

They are chopped up into small pieces.

We pre-cooked the stuffings in the pan and then stuffed them into the turkey.

Then, we covered the turkey with a piece of foil. Now, the turkey is oven-ready.

We removed the foil in the last 30 minutes of roasting to allow for browning. However, we did not dare brown it for too long, lest it becomes too brown and dry. After roasting for approximately 3 hours, our first ever roast turkey is ready :-)

Ahh...smells good. But not brown enough though. Ah, what the heck! What matters most is the taste. And...hmm...tastes delicious.

We also had some brussel sprouts to go with the turkey.

Not to forget...champagne too.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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