Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eating Junk

Whenever she hears the rustling sound of the potato chips packet, she will come running towards us and demand for some chips. Efforts to hide the packet will then be futile, as she knows it's somewhere there and insists for some chips. All the time, we had to give in to her and gave her some of the chips to avoid her throwing her tantrums.

Then, we will try and finish the packet of chips as quickly as possible, before she comes running back to us for some more. I would say to her, "Chubby darling, there's no more chips left." Most of the time, we have to hide ourselves away in a corner whenever we are eating junk food. We do not want her to be eating so much junk food at this young age though she seems to be enjoying it tremendously.

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Melissa said...

kids learn from parents as example leh... heheh..