Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Chubby Darling

Chubby kid turns two today. We are very proud and happy to see her developing well over the last two months. Though she lives up to the expectation of the "Terrible Two" phase, we can't help but adore her for every little thing she does.

The playgroup arranged a small tea party for her yesterday. She was really happy when we sang her the Happy Birthday song.

We bought her a chocolate cake, which was really delicious. Though all of us were down with flu and sore throat, we couldn't resist eating it.

The playgroup person-in-charge even gave her a card today.

And of course, not forgetting a card from God-Ma all the way from Kuching.

We had wanted to get her another jacket but thought that she may not need another one now. So, some days ago, we bought her this children musical set, which she really likes.

And since she likes to kick things around, we bought her this small football to kick to her heart's content.

Happy birthday chubby darling. Mummy and Papa love you so much.


Melissa said...

send my birthday hugs to your girl girl for me... :)

from december girls, big and small.. hehe..

Jane Chiong said...

Missed her birthday... wish her happy belated birthday... and many many more to come.

chuasteph said...

melissa: thanks. happy birthday to you and angel too.

jane: thank you god-ma.