Sunday, December 14, 2008

So How Do We Potty-Train Her?

It's not very easy to potty train a toddler if the weather is constantly cold and the floor is carpeted. For one thing, if it's cold, you do not want to constantly take off her pants and ask her to pee in the potty. Also, wearing cloth diapers is not a good idea, as it is really cold if the cloth diaper gets wet. We certainly do not want her to get a chill. Wearing just her pants is also not a good idea, as we do not want her wee-wee to seep into the carpet and make the house stink of urine. I guess we would need to wait till she can understand more of our words before telling her to pee and poo in the potty. Or at least, wait until the weather is not so freezingly cold.

For now, she uses approximately 100 pieces of diapers a month.

What I am worried about is the fact that she is wearing the largest available diaper size. Will this size last her another six months, I wonder.

Hopefully, we can successfully potty-train her soon.


Melissa said...

i start training my girl when she was 1y+. there are bound to be lots of accidents at first when u haven't really catch her timing... when the weather is cold, let your girl sit at the potty every 20 mins..

every time she successfully pee and poo at the potty, praise her and give her some motivation. she will be more confident to use the potty the next time.

of coz said is always easier than done... there will be times that u will lose your patience, but then remember do not punish her if she pee on the carpet, just let her know that mommy will appreciate it if girl2 can pee at the potty like grown up girl liao.. maybe she will get it sooner or later.

my girl master this skill after a few days... but then now she is going through the tantrum stage... sometimes she pees on the floor as an act of disobedience. :S

do remember that every kids learn diff skills at diff time frame.. do not push or force your girl to learn things. when they are ready to master the skill, its easier for u to train.

chuasteph said...

melissa: thanks for the tips. i think i will need to wait a few more months when it is not so cold before attempting this potty-training task. it's like living in a fridge here. haha...