Monday, December 15, 2008

Two Years Old and Learning

At two, chubby kid is most certainly naughty. She is beginning to pick up in her development, both physically and cognitively over the last two months. It is a little relief for me to see her being able to do alot of things that she previously could not do. Of course, she is still slow compared to kids her age. Doctors had said that it was most probably due to her vision and I was terribly worried for two years.

Some of these burden had lifted recently when chubby kid began to start counting 123 and saying ABC after us. Though her pronounciation is not precise, she could count from 1 to 10 on her own. There were lots of other things that she had learnt over the last two months. She can now hum and sing some songs, hold her cup and drink, hold onto a piece of biscuit or apple and eat it, feed herself with a spoon, pretend to feed us the way we always feed her, brush her teeth, play with toys and musical instruments, kick things around, know where certain things are kept, say words like door stopper, on/off heater, eat rice, apple, etc and lots of other things.

These things may seem trivial to most people and that their kids would probably know how to do all those at age 12 - 15 months but to parents of a visually-challenged child, these are precious moments to behold. God hears our prayers after all. Thank you God.

Here is chubby kid, looking on at a little boy at the post Hari Raya Haji gathering.

This 200th blog entry is especially dedicated to chubby kid for her wondrous development over the last two months. May God bless her always.


piangt said...

help piang yee give ur girl hugs n kisses

chuasteph said...

ping: thanks. hugs and kisses back to you :-)