Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Christmas?

I have been getting alot of emails from family and friends wishing me a Merry Christmas and hoping that I will get a white Christmas. Somehow, I doubt that this will happen. I have not seen snow yet, or have I? I was not sure if the small tiny weeny thing that fell from the sky three weeks ago was snow. It was so tiny that before it reach the ground, it turned into tiny droplets of water.

Friends have reported snow in Newcastle, York and London and I am sure there is also snow in many other parts of the UK. Well, not in Liverpool yet. Temperature here averages at 8 degrees celcius this week. Even three weeks back when it was -2 degrees celcius, the so-called snow was just some tiny droplets that looked more like rain. Frost was also everywhere during that week. The roads, grass and trees were covered with frost. Even our car wasn't spared from the frost.

It's just going to be a cold Christmas this year I guess.


Lina said...

u are more likely to get snowfall after xmas. 2 years back, i think, we had snow beginning boxing day and lasted 2-3 days. shops are closed on xmas day, so do ur shopping b4 xmas! anyways, have a lovely xmas!

chuasteph said...

lina: yeah, my friend says snow comes in january but only for a day or so. hehe, i've already stocked up few days back. thanks :-) merry christmas to you.