Friday, January 2, 2009

5 Hours and 20 Minutes

That was how long it took us to drive from Liverpool to Edinburgh. This was a totally unplanned trip. Our journey started at 10:20am after my husband took 20 minutes to scrap off the frost and ice from our car.

It was a long journey, 237 miles in total. Along the motorway, there were a lot of rest stops. After driving for 2 hours, we took a 15 minutes break to stretch our legs, had a sandwich and cleared our bladder.

The view along the way was spectacular. It was mostly countryside with lots of scenic views of mountainous terrains, green grass patches dotted with sheeps grazing, cows, horses, farmhouses, hayballs and lots of other interesting things. Here are some photos I took from inside the car.

This one looks a little like the Windows XP wallpaper. Haha... There are more of these shots.

Nice sceneries.

It was quite tiring to sit in the car for so long and so I kept looking out to see how far more we had to go.

When we finally crossed the border into Scotland, I felt relief. Little did I know that the Edinburgh city centre was still VERY, VERY, VERY far away.

Some shops along the way.

We still had to pass through the countryside where there are lots of farms and sheeps. Just look at those sheeps.

The view was really nice. It was farms, sheeps, cows and horses along the way for miles and miles. The weather then got too cold (-2 degrees celcius) and our car window blurred, so I could not take any photos after that.

When we finally arrived at 3:40pm, I was glad to get out and stretch my legs. This is the hotel we stayed in.

We moved our things into the room and were quite satisfied with the condition and size of the room. Some photos of the room.

Haha...the fireplace was used to host the TV. We did not even switch on the TV all the 3 days we were there.

The toilet and bath.

After dumping our carload of stuffs into the hotel room, we walked around the town for about one hour before heading back. It was already dark by 4pm, so there isn't much that we could see. I took some photos along the way when we went out in search of food.

This is the row of shops adjacent to our hotel.

Then we saw it. Just right behind our hotel. Looming eeriely in the night. The Edinburgh Castle.

We then walked the opposite direction as it was kind of dark and scary the way we were walking. Along the way, we passed this road sign.

Heck, reminded us of LokThian Restaurant in Kuching and its delicious food. Not a good reminder when we were hungry and hunting for food.

We passed by one of the many museums in the city and also the theatre, which was brightly illuminated.

As you can see, the 5pm sky was as dark as night. After buying some food, we went back to the hotel to rest. After chubby kid fell asleep, the two of us frantically planned our next two days.


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Lina said...

Hey,there's this nice little shop selling all sorts of fudge. It's called The Fudge House of Edinburgh. The address is: 197 Canongate, Royal Mile. A bit too sweet, but what the heck...yummy! Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

hey, your trip is soooo soooong la.. make me want to go over and meet u guys now la...

u didnt tell me u wan a gprs. actually yap bought one which is a lot cheaper.. and it has to be attached with a palm handphone.

chuasteph said...

samuel: thanks.

lina: i can't recall if i saw the fudge shop. but it was a sunday when i walked the royal mile, so only the souvenir shops and some eating places are opened. many of the shops are closed since it's just 3 days after xmas. i'll look out for this shop in my next trip :-)

melissa: yeah, very song but this is just the description of my journey. wait for the places i visited. haha... the GPS thingy we found out that it has to be TomTom brand. other brands' maps are not that accurate according to my friend.

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