Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve at Liverpool’s Chinatown

This is my first CNY abroad. In the last thirty years of my life, I had always celebrated CNY in Kuching and once in Singapore. I have always wondered how CNY is like in a western country. Will it be as merry as it is back in Kuching?

Curious of how CNY is celebrated here, I decided to go to Chinatown. I heard that there was going to be a road closure, so there must be something happening there. When I reached Chinatown at 11am, it was already bustling with throngs of people. There was a food and fun fair going on in Chinatown.


There were lots of Asians but to my surprise, there were equally as many Caucasians. They must really enjoy the festivities and noise of the CNY celebration. Sounds of firecrackers banging added to the noisy crowd. See the smoky air in the background where firecrackers were banging away.


The crowd were enjoying themselves, soaking in the noise and watching all the colourful performances.


All roads leading to Chinatown were closed, making it easier for people to roam about freely.


While I was there, there was a crowd of people following a lion dance troupe. The troupe was performing outside an oriental supermarket named Hondo. I understand that the boss of Hondo is one of the earliest Chinese to settle in Liverpool.

667 668 669

Oops, I missed the dragon dance. Just managed to snap a photo of its tail.


So, this is how CNY is celebrated in Liverpool’s Chinatown. Certainly a different experience. By CNY eve, all Chinese shops in Kuching would have closed for business. But Chinese shops and restaurants in Liverpool were packed to the brim when I walked past this morning. Really good business, huh?

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