Sunday, January 4, 2009

Edinburgh Castle

Note: It was a cloudy day when these photos were taken, thus, I was dissatisfied with the quality of these photos.

This is the Edinburgh Castle. If you are interested in its history, read this.

The entrance to the castle.

The moat.

Row of cannons.

Inner entrance.

View of New Town from the castle.

Cannon up close.

Castle grounds.

The One O'Clock Gun, fired at one o'clock everyday except Sunday and we went on a Sunday, of all days. *Sigh*

Hilly road in the castle grounds.

Man in kilt. He's a castle tour guide.

One of the buildings in the castle. I can't remember which is this.

Mons Meg, a big cannon. Yeah, cannons have got names too.

View from a cannon.

Rows of cannon.

Scotland's Royal Line.

Exhibit in the Crown Room. From there onwards, no photography allowed. :-(

Down the hilly road we go.

The Lang stairs, the main access to the submit of the castle rock in the middle ages.

And that ended our tour of the Edinburgh castle. On the way out, I suddenly saw these two red telephone booths just outside the inner entrance. Hmm...I wonder if those were there during the middle ages.

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