Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Nursery Experience

Today, we sent chubby kid to the nursery.  We left her there for half a day for a tryout.


When we went to pick her up, we were told that she cried for awhile.  Pity her, but she survived today, so we hope that she can survive the other days to come.


Melissa said...

its like that one.. for the first few days expected crying because they haven't got used to being around strangers. when she has friends there, it would be fine liao la.. don't worry..

chuasteph said...

melissa: she's not eating and not drinking every day she is there.

Melissa said...

i'm sure the teachers are well trained there for this type of situation. however, if you are still worried, do ask the teacher whether u or justin can spend half day with her for a few days until she has more confidence. normally children cry in school is because they are scared of new environment and it is normal. some kids even cry everyday for weeks when they are at school.

slowly let her adjust herself to new environment without parents around. do not just leave her there as it will be traumatic for children as timid as her.