Saturday, January 24, 2009


From Tantallon Castle in Scotland, we drove all the way to Newcastle.  We chose to stop by Newcastle as we wanted to visit some friends there.  One of them offered us her place to stay for two nights.  Thus, we were able to have more time to roam about in Newcastle.

It was such a delight to meet up with friends while we were there.  Familiar faces far away from home are always a comfort.  We had such a good time at our friend’s place, catching up with the latest news and visiting other friends.  Not forgetting, Malaysian food cooked by our friends were simply delicious.

It was rather cold and cloudy in Newcastle during our visit, so our sightseeing was somehow hampered by the weather.  However, we still managed to visit a number of places over our two days in Newcastle.

Our friend brought us to this really nice place by the seaside at Whitley Bay.  The place is called St Mary’s Island and there, sits a lighthouse, which is one of the tourist attractions in Newcastle. 

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Well, the place is not really an island but it is by the seaside and has a very nice view.  Cold and icy seaside wind attacked us when we were there, so we could not stay for too long.

After that, we proceeded to Tynemouth Castle and Priory.  We just observed it from a distance and took some photos.  Again, it was too cold for us to linger for long.


This is the Tynemouth pier and lighthouse in a distance.


A visit to Newcastle will not be complete if you do not go to the famed Gateshead Millenium Bridge.  My only regret was that the weather was too cold for me to walk the bridge.  So, we just took a photo of it and left.


Nearby the bridge is The Sage Gateshead, a centre for musical education and performances.


Our next destination was St James Park, the home of the Newcastle United Football Club.  Located smack right in the city centre, I cannot imagine the traffic there when a football game finishes.


After that, we visited some friends and called it a day with a gathering at our friend’s house, enjoying delicious Malaysian food.

The next day, we got ready for our journey back to Liverpool.  On our way back, we stopped by another tourist attraction in Newcastle; the Angel of the North.  The weather was so cold and cloudy that we could not really take nice photos of the gigantic angel.  It was so cold that we could not even walk further up to take a proper photo of it.

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We quickly got back into the car after some miserable shots and began our long journey back to Liverpool.

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