Monday, January 5, 2009

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a long stretch of road from the Edinburgh Castle entrance leading to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

We walked the Royal Mile right after we visited the Edinburgh Castle. This is the beginning part of the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Castle entrance.

Another stretch of the Royal Mile further on.

Along this stretch of road, there are many interesting shops and places to visit. One of the places of interest is the Scotch Whisky Experience. There, you can learn everything you want about whisky.

Just look at the different kinds of whisky they have there. We went in to have a look but did not join the tour as we were pressed for time.

There is also the St Giles Cathedral, somewhere along the midpoint of the Royal Mile.

It was a Sunday the day we walked the Royal Mile, so a lot of shops were not opened. Moreover, it was just three days after Christmas. Only souvenir shops, some eating places and cafes were opened. Most of the souvenir shops were selling the same Scottish things; kilts and scarfs.

The weather that day was extremely cold. If I remember correctly, it was about 0 degree celcius. My knuckles were freezing from holding the camera and snapping photos here and there. We quickly hunted for the nearest Starbucks and went in to thaw ourselves with a hot cup of chocolate while chubby kid had her milk.

After that, we continued our freezing sight-seeing. We were however, disapointed to find that the Scottish Parliament was closed on a Sunday. So, we could only admire its unique architecture from outside.

Across the road from the Scottish Parliament is the Queen's Gallery and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's residence whenever she is in Scotland.

We did not go in the palace for a tour, as we were eager to continue sightseeing in the New Town and it was getting dark pretty quickly. I have to remind myself again that winter is hardly a good time to travel around. It's just too cold and gets dark very early.

Another interesting thing to do that we missed out is to get on an open top double decker bus for a city tour.

What the heck? We missed out too many things during this visit. We must visit Edinburgh again when it is warmer and of course, when chubby kid is a little older and out of the tantrum phase, so that we can enjoy nice meals in nice cosy restaurants with friends.


Snap no Stevun® said...

Co-worker here lived right next to the Parliament house. How come no pic of the unique style? Don't ask me why in Scotland, they allow common citizen to live so close to it that a person can use a bazooka to bang bang unpopular politicians. Must be a Democracy thing. I bet the whole Kampung will be relocated if a DUN (in Kch) is to be built nearby.

chuasteph said...

steven: cannot take any more pics liau. fingers frozen. extremely cold weather that day. beh tahan ah.

Lina said...

Steph, you were lucky. Last time I was in Edinburgh, it was very cold and WET - and that was in autumn! It rained for all the 2 days I was there. Fortunately, it stopped raining during my Scottish highland tour. It was indeed a memorable trip - i had to spend a night (it was freezing cold) outside Doncaster rail station on my way to Edinburgh.