Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tantallon Castle

On our way to Newcastle from Edinburgh, we did a little detour to visit one of the castle ruins near the coastal area of Scotland.


For those interested in the history of the castle, you can read it up here.

I was in awe with the view of the castle ruins itself.  The view of the castle is really magnificent.  My Canon Ixus cannot do justice to the photos taken.  I felt a gush of regret for not buying the Canon DSLR that I had wanted for years now. 

Sitting atop a cliffside overlooking the sea, the castle ruins is to date, one of the places with the nicest view that I have ever visited.  Here are some shots to share.

The castle, looking magnificent from a distance.


The entrance into the castle.


A peek into the sea from the side of the castle.


The Bass Rock, opposite the castle.


Part of the castle, facing the sea.


Rocky cliffside.

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Stairs going up the castle.


Inside one of the rooms in the castle.


View from the cliffside.


Another part of the castle, looking magnificent even though in ruins.


This was the kitchen or what was left of it.


The well.


The castle overlooking the sea.


Somehow, this castle ruins reminded me of the adventure stories of The Famous Five by Enid Blyton, which I read when I was little.  It was fun going through the ruins and taking lots and lots of photos even though it was terribly cold and windy there.  It’s just too bad that we did not explore the upper floors of the castle, as chubby kid was on her stroller and it was not easy to carry her all the way up.  Nevertheless, we had a wonderful experience, which I’m sure would be unforgettable in years to come.

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