Friday, February 13, 2009

Betapa Ku Cinta PadaMu

I was listening to the song by Siti Nurhaliza yesterday while going through some lecture notes and debugging my Java codes.  And then I realize that Valentine's Day is just two days away.  Well, it is just one day away now. 

Since coming over to Liverpool, we have been quite busy with lots of things, me with my studies and chubby kid and him with chubby kid and his part time job.  We have not really had the time to sit down and enjoy a cup of drink together, or in other words, have a proper date :-)

Over the last four months, my husband had been doing a lot for all of us here.  First and foremost, being with us here took a lot of sacrifice on his part, having to leave his senior management job and taking on a totally different role here.  Then, in Liverpool, having the natural instinct of a man, he did all he could to protect us from all harms and made sure that we had enough to survive on and to live comfortably with.  Disregarding his own comfort, he made sure that chubby kid and I were comfortable all the time.  He made sure that we had enough food to go by.  He planned the shopping carefully to be sure that we were always stocked up with enough of everything.  He braved the cold, rain, frost and snow to get to work and to buy items that our home was lacking.  He did most of the housework and cooking so that I could have the time to do my research.  He endlessly entertained chubby kid every evening with all sorts of things; whatever she wanted to play with.  He woke up early every morning to prepare breakfast for us and to get everything ready for us on days that he had to go to work. 

There were a lot more things that he had done that touched me so deeply.  I knew that there was no way I could ever repay him for all that he had done for us.  I realized that I loved him even more as every second ticked by.  Every day is Valentine's Day for me when I have someone like him in my life.

I love you, Darling.  Happy Valentine's Day!


Justin said...

sorry, no lovely gift or fancy dinner for you...just laksa sarawak for lunch and dinner..

marahman said...

steph, happy belated valentines day from tokyo to u and your family as well.

chuasteph said...

man, same to you too. dah jumpa valentine jepun ka? ;)