Friday, February 27, 2009

Broke-Broke Situation

This is my drawer of chocolates, which is never empty.


If I don’t go broke from paying chubby kid’s exorbitant nursery fees, I certainly will go broke from buying too much chocolates.


Susie said...

i wonder whether u r under much chocolates..luckily i m not a chocolate gal..kekekek..i think i like sweet potatoes more than chocolates :-p

chuasteph said...

susie: ya, maybe you are right. i may be under stress. hahaha...cham lor...addicted to chocolates.

Melissa said...

wow.. look at that.. makes me crave ler.. if i were there, it could be more than that drawer... i loooove chocolates too.... hehhehe..

hamimah said...

Hi Steph.. If you want more chocs, come and visit us in Birmingham.. We'll bring u to Cadbury World.. :)

chuasteph said...

melissa: that drawer was much fuller. i kinda took a photo of it when i had finished half of the chocolates in there. hahaha... so addictive right?

mimah: oh yeah!!! my lab mate went there last month. i can't wait to go. one of the days, we'll go visit you guys. rgds to irwandy :-)