Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life’s A Buzz

Lately, I had been pretty much tied up with chubby kid and my Java programming. 

As usual, chubby kid still refused to eat or drink at the nursery.  Because of that, I had to leave my lab early to pick her up so that I could feed her back at home.  So, today, we tried a new routine.  My husband went over at lunch time to feed her and he managed to get her to eat and drink.  I guess we will stick to this routine for as long as she is still on hunger strike there.

On my studies, I had started programming some codes to build a system to test my algorithms.  It went pretty smoothly at first.  And then, it reached a stage where the complexity of the code increased and I had to restructure my previous codes in order to ensure a smoother programming flow.  It is rather complex at this moment, to the point that I even had to think hard for names to call my variables.  I cannot imagine how it will be when it gets to the point of building a GUI for it.

Yeah, life’s pretty busy.  Eat Java, Drink Java, Sleep Java, Dream Java.



Snap no Stevun® said...

And we have a chain health drink shop here called 'Java Juice' =D

Nana said...

hahaha, i understand ur feeling of drink java, sleep java and dream java~~

chuasteph said...

steven: i'd rather drink java juice then :-)

nana: im sure you dream of ur codes too at night right. when you close ur eyes, all you see is those lines of code.

Moo Moo Cow said...

hey..i tot it would be eat,drink,sleep, drink chubby-kiddo... hahaha...