Friday, February 6, 2009

New Glasses

More than a month ago, we brought chubby kid to the children’s hospital to have her eyes checked.  It seemed that her degree had gone down a little but the consultant would need to do further diagnostic tests on her so that further investigations into her eye problem can be done.

We somehow dropped her glasses while we were at the hospital.  My husband went back twice to look for it but to no avail.  Finally, we asked the eye clinic to prescribe her with a new set of glasses.  The glasses were finally ready two days ago.


Looks very fashionable yeah?


Moo Moo Cow said... come look for like adult specs...hehe..

Melissa said...

wah... seems like got some improvement liao..

chuasteph said...

moo, it's a little too big for her. she was struggling when we went for fitting and during fitting, it seems that it would fit but now it seems that it's too big.

melissa: just a little improvement.

marahman said...

japanese people like this kind of's ur baby so far?

chuasteph said...

rahman: haha, my daughter's degree decrease a little bit. so i guess that is an improvement. still alot more appointments to go for other tests.

Melissa said...

hey steph.. a little improvement still is better than none. :)