Sunday, March 22, 2009

Albert Dock

Last weekend, we went on an outing to Albert Dock.  Albert Dock is one of the tourist attractions in Liverpool.  Having been in Liverpool for six months, last week was the first time I had ever set foot onto Albert Dock.


Albert Dock is about two kilometres from our flat and it took us about 30 minutes to walk there.  Among the interesting places to visit there are the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Beatles Story, the International Slavery Museum and the Tate Liverpool.  We only managed to visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum, as it was quite late on a Sunday evening when we went there.

Situated at the waterfront, Albert Dock boasts of fantastic views of the river and ships.

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We visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum.


The Merseyside Maritime Museum has a lot of ship models on display, including the famous Titanic, which sunk on its maiden journey.


Ship model lovers would love the exhibits here.

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There is even one heck of a torpedo on display, a 22-foot long British Mark VIII Torpedo.


Having enough of ships and its history, we moved on to the International Slavery Museum.


There are lots of stories and histories on slavery here.  Here is the famous quote by Nelson Mandela.


Some African items on display here look a lot like our Sarawak tribal items.

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There are a lot of photos and pictures of slavery on display.


Wait a minute.  What is Barack Obama’s photo doing here?  He ain’t no slave.  He’s the President of the United States.


Here is another quote, this time from Abraham Lincoln.


It was a good outing.  Looking forward to visit more Liverpool attractions.


hamimah said...

Steph, You walked for 30 minutes? waa.. tabahnya you

chuasteph said...

mimah: eh, biasa la here walking. everyone walks here especially in city centre. 30mins is considered near. there were times we walked more than that. haha...