Monday, March 9, 2009

Ardent Football Fans

England is the land of football. And beer, of course. Being enthusiastic football fans, especially of the English Premier League, we naturally came to the right country. Now, when we watch football, we don’t have to stay up late at night like we did back in Kuching. There is no more 8 hours difference here when we watch a football match.

And the best thing is, football jerseys do not cost as much as back in Kuching or KL. Women’s jerseys are also in abundance here. We bought the England 2008/2010 away jersey; one for him and one for me.


I don’t know what is it about England/EPL jerseys and Malaysians but most Malaysians whom we met have all these jerseys. Now we do too. Haha…


Jane Chiong said...

Very nice! I know Justin would surely buy tons of the jerseys but not you. Ha ha ha!
Do they have MU's jersey in Liverpool? Bryan would love to have one. ^_^

marahman said...

don't forget one for me...ahakss...:P

Lil said...

how much?

chuasteph said...

jane: yeah, we're waiting to see if MU jersey got super sale or not. coz MU jersey is still expensive now and this version is ending in 2 mths when the season is over.

rahman: apa team you minat?

lil: 90% sale at only GBP5. yeah!!!

marahman said...

(i) chelsea, (ii) liverpool...murahkah?