Monday, March 30, 2009

Her New Toys

Last week, while browsing around for a new stroller for chubby kid, we managed to find some toys for her.  She particularly loves playing with anything that can be pushed around, like a toy trolley, wheelbarrow or stroller.  So, we bought her this cute little toy stroller.


And she loves pushing it around everywhere.


We also bought her a beach ball since she likes throwing and kicking her football around.


We had been looking around for some bath tub toys for her to play with during bath time but we could not find any yellow ducklings anywhere.  So, we ended up buying these little floating boats for her.


Hope she will enjoy her toys :-)


Moo Moo Cow said...

Hey.. Ashlyn look so much taller and like lose a bit of weight there... u made her go jogging with u issit? hahaha...

mamamia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chuasteph said...

moo: yes, she's actually super thin now thanks to her hunger strike at the nursery. haha...feed her alot on fri - mon and then hunger strike on tues - thurs.

malia: eh, why you remove ur comment? haha, i think chubby kid more of tomboyish la...