Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In The Midst of a Filming Set

I had a very interesting experience the other day.  Early that morning, the street along the back of our flat was cleared.  I had no idea why but my husband guessed that maybe some crane would be coming in to install some cables in the flats opposite us.

However, that afternoon, there were lots of people outside as I peered out our flat window.  To my excitement, I found that they were filming outside our flat.  OMGosh!  People are actually filming just outside our flat!

I was so excited that I quickly took my camera and snapped some photos.  Coincidently, the video camera was just outside our flat window and I meant DIRECTLY outside, like two metres away.


When they saw me staring curiously out my window and taking photos, they smiled and waved at me.  Hehe… Of course, I gleefully waved back.

I reckoned they were filming some 1950s movie.  First of all, the location being behind our flats meant that they were filming the Georgian quarters/flats.  Our rented flat was also a Georgian-styled flat.  Then, they have with them old-fashioned vehicles, like this green car here.


And also the old-fashioned taxi.


I was getting more and more excited as I watched them prepared for the actual shooting.  Just look at their equipments.  You can also see the old-fashioned taxi and another old-fashioned car in the background.


The whole street was cleared for the shooting.


I spotted some actors and actresses dressed up in the 1950s style.


They took quite a while to get everything ready and by the time they started shooting, I was watching the whole take and I forgot to take photos, despite my husband asking me to take a video of the shooting of the take.  I also did not manage to take a photo of the main actor, who walked right past my window when they were doing the take.

It was such a surreal experience, hearing them shouting “Take 1 and Action!” just right outside my window.  Two days after that, we found out that they were actually shooting a film called Nowhere Boy, a bio-pic of John Lennon in his earlier years.

Hmm…very interesting!!!


Woman IN PinK said...

Steph, you should have asked for autographs lah...Who's the one playing John Lennon?

chuasteph said...

sarah: i think it's some guy called aaron johnson. he walked past my window during shooting and i just stared. haha...

Woman IN PinK said...

WHAT!!!you just stared?!!!!It's a once in a lifetime experience,beb. Plus, the guy's playing John Lennon and acting in Liverpool.The place where The Beatles was born!ayerr....sayangnya..

chuasteph said...

sarah: i know, i know. hahahahaha... regret laa...