Friday, March 6, 2009

Ipanema Sandals

During our trip to Langkawi last year, my husband bought chubby kid an Ipanema sandals designed by Gisele Bündchen.


Chubby kid wore it a few times in Kuching and a few times in Liverpool during autumn when we arrived five months ago. However, up till now, she has no chance to wear this pretty sandals as the weather is still too cold. I hope her feet can still fit in the sandals in a few weeks’ time when it is warmer.

I’m so tempted to buy the adult version online.



daria.lala said...

a dejavu eh

sharin oso did this
bought for Iman, then tempted to buy for her oso.
last2 beli juak

so rasa nya, i know the ending of your temptation. :P

ehhh beli jak baaa :D

chuasteph said...

nurul: yeah, i saw her post. actually wanted to wait until weather is warmer to post this entry but weather doesn't seem to get any warmer YET!!!