Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Fit and Not Healthy

I am failing miserably at being fit and healthy. I have been trying to get myself to exercise or jog but lately, I am just feeling too tired to do so. To make things worse, I have been eating lots of junk food, i.e. chocolates and chips and that is not helping my aim to be healthier.

I really have to start eating healthy and exercising before I get burnt out from exhaustion. I miss being fit and healthy again. I miss the 20 laps that I usually do when I go swimming last time. I miss the seven back–to-back badminton matches that I usually play last time. At this point, I am missing all the sports that I used to do last time.

Oh heck! More Java coding to do now. Will I ever find time to exercise? I MUST go for a short two-kilometre jog tomorrow. Darling, if I don’t go for a jog tomorrow, pull me out of the house and force me to jog, OK?


Wei King said...

you can still do liver detox program

chuasteph said...

tiong, good idea, but too busy with the little gal, so don't think can do liver. but if i can find the tru d-tox tea, i might do the 5 day detox without the liver detox.