Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spicy Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce

I have no idea what tikka masala means.


From the jar, it looks like some kind of curry cooking sauce.  Tired from eating almost the same menu every week, we decided to give this tikka masala a try. 

The result is that it’s just another kind of curry.  The disappointing thing about this curry is that it is not spicy enough, even though the label says that it’s medium/hot.  What the heck???  You can hardly find any labels that are hot or very hot or extremely hot, which is what we are searching high and low for.

Lesson learnt: If looking for spicy sauce/food, buy either Malaysian, Indian or Thai products.


Susie said...

try getting the thai brand, i think is pheo mae (start with a p then the nxt word is mae, cant remember :-p, tried once) i tell u, it is very very hot..this tikka masala is an indian curry..

chuasteph said...

susie: i will try and find that brand you mentioned. thanks.