Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Chubby kid has finally learnt how to properly walk up a flight of stairs.  Last week, she walked up a flight of stairs all on her own by holding on to the railing.  However, she seems quite afraid of walking down the stairs.  It seems that she is not able to see properly to differentiate between the upper and lower steps and she knows that she would fall if she misses the step.  At times, when I am holding her hands and guiding her down the stairs, she would feel the steps with her foot before stepping down instead of looking.


I do hope that her vision can improve.


Jane Chiong said...

Gald to hear that she can walk up the stairs. It's easier to walk up than down. Give her a bit more time, Steph, maybe lack of confidence. Continue to pray for her.

chuasteph said...

thanks jane.