Monday, April 27, 2009

Bargains from Car Boot Sale

Last weekend, we went to a big car boot sale at Burscough, about 80 minutes drive from Liverpool.  I did not manage to take a photo of the site, a big old airfield strip, where lots of people brought all sorts of things to be sold, both new and second-hand.  I will remember to take a photo of the place the next time I go.

The place is very interesting.  People from all walks of life drove their cars there, set up a pitch and sold all sort of things.  We targeted to buy another stroller for chubby kid, as well as some books and toys for her. 

During our first round, we bought some books and toys for chubby kid.  These are what we bought.


At the same time, we surveyed the strollers available there that were put on sale.  We saw a few, which looked quite worn out.  Not satisfied with all those, we continue walking from pitch to pitch, also eyeing some of the toys that were on sale.

Then, suddenly, we spotted this pitch where there were a whole line of strollers on sale.  Having examined those closely, I would say that most of them were in very good condition.  The guy selling it told us that those strollers were used but were returned to the shops within the 28 days* period and thus, could not be resold in the shops.

* Here in the UK, you can buy things and returned them within 28 days if you are not satisfied with it.

My husband was very keen on one of the strollers, which we earlier on wanted to buy but was too expensive.  A new stroller of that model is selling at GBP160 in the shops but this guy here is selling it for only GBP50.  We decided to buy that stroller and the guy agreed to sell it to us with another GBP5 discount, thus, only GBP45.


Yeah, it is a good buy.  We are very satisfied with it.  It pushes well and smooth and chubby kid seems to be very comfortable on it.

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